Shingle cabinet has been clad with oxidized copper plates. Cladding that is not unlike tiles and shingles found in architecture or scales and feathers found in the natural world. I liked the practicality of these beautiful objects and wanted to reference them here.    The patina finish on copper takes place when a chemical reaction occurs on the metal’s surface while oxygen is present. It is a naturally occurring process found in most metals. Through experimentation I have tried to tame that process.       Shingle cabinet is made from veneered Huon pine with solid turned Huon legs and oxidized copper shingles.       It is 1200mm high, 480mm wide and with a depth of 400mm    
 Cubish explores the perception of depth in design, questioning what it is we are looking at.  With this piece I wanted to highlight the colours and tones of different timbers in a unique way. By placing certain shapes and contrasting colours together on a flat plane I have attempted to create a 3 dimensional illusion.  Cubish is a modular shelving system that comes in four different thicknesses.It has a unique hinging system made from leather, which allows each door to open and close flush at a 180° angle. 
 Mr Tenmoku by Donutt and Goldfrau is a collaboration between Furniture designer James Dutton and Industrial Designer and Ceramicist Judith Glover.  It is the first of a series of prototypes investigating the potential for slip cast porcelain and its use in furniture and lighting design.  Glover and Dutton are both interested in not just the functional capabilities and incredible strength of slip cast porcelain, but the infinite possibilities of decoration through glaze application.  Laminated Cypress wood seat attached to a hollow 9mm thick Porcelain base with Tenmoku and white satin glaze on a rush matt.  420mm high. Seat is 280mm wide.      
 Cunjurong explores the liminal space most Australians spend their summer months- on the edge of the continent- where the sea meets the shore.   This new work experiments with the possibility of using 3d printed ceramic for production- the repetition of clay layers subtly reflecting the sea to the horizon and the wood housing its connection to the bush- the materials feeling old and ancient.   Cylindrical pendant lights Ceramic and timber with linen covered flex Height 300mm Diameter 210mm
  Cable light is the first prototype in an upcycling   project that uses everyday objects in unusual ways.     Tired of collecting guitar leads and other musical cables that I would one day fix, I decided to put them to use in a different way.     Cable light also doubles as a fruit bowl which surprisingly still holds its shape when treated very badly.    Made from guitar leads and cable ties.